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Loyal member/moderator of Selective Sins.

Post by Darkflame on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:29 pm

Hi everybody,
My name is Russell also known as Darkflame/Hardtrick ingame(s).
I am 29ys old and i am a belgian gamer.
Members that need help can always pm me in English or Dutch even chinese(google translate FTW).

My gaming adventures started with the first gameboy and ever since im hooked.
Playing from Mario to Destiny or even GTA i like it all ^^.
At the moment im playing Destiny and looking forward to some new Mmo(rpgs) to play like f.e. Black Dessert Online

When games come out most of the time i start playing a lot of hours per day and gradually my game time comes to a normal level.

I am a helpfull man and when i can i will always help out.

So nice to meet you all and see you soon.


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