Great game just released to soon.

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Great game just released to soon.

Post by Lust69 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:06 pm

I've really enjoyed this game to the level cap (700,000 exp off it), I haven't done much of what the capped players are doing but people keep telling me there isn't much to do, it looks like they have released this game without much end content.

The usercount has dropped dramatically which doesn't help, it can be as low as 300 people at times and only as high as 600.

I think it may be worth another go if they release a big patch and/or up the cap to level 60 as it was enjoyable and I can see the usercount going to around 2000 when that happens.

The experience was actually to fast and there was to many samey quests and not enough just regular mob grinding for me.

The dungeons were decent and quite pretty, and I liked how you could just run through mobs chancing being ganked to just get to the next area killing the objective mobs, as dieing almost didn't really matter as you paid to revive, although to many deaths lowered exp at the end mind!

The collect the tokens for the next equipment was fun, especially grinding on a mob for the previous tokens to exchange for the new ones to get the up to date armour and weapon, this was slightly exploitable as I let some high levels kill mobs I had no chance on to receive the next tokens sort of free, which I kind of didn't mind it was fun, but made it to easy at the same time.

I wish games would be more like the older mmorpg and just have areas with mobs or dungeons you can grind on while having a chat with your guildies instead of these instances that you always have to cue for!

Going to leave this alone mostly so I can have a small break off games until BD CB2 which will only be a test on it's own.  But if anyone wants someone to join them in some dungeons let me know as it's still a laugh in company.  I may pop on to try a little of the end content if I'm bored.

After typing this I found this video which is more promising and considering the small patch thats coming, I'm kind of gutted BD is around the corner I'd have liked to have played around more with this game, which I might do a little and if BD is a disaster I can always come back to this game!  But I hope not as I've invested alot into BD.  Good things always come in twos!


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