Seems immpossible to find players.

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Seems immpossible to find players.

Post by Lust69 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:13 pm

The first clan I made I got up to 25 players and then basically 22 of them were either awol or didn't attack in wars, which led to me leaving the clan to see who would follow as sort of a test of loyality and not one followed, it was basically a dead clan.  Now I seem to have people join who either want free donations of high level units or low level hoppers that don't know what there doing themselves.

It just seems hard to get the quality player who will be active and take an interest in wars starting out as a new clan on COC.  I have had the odd good guy but even they get tired of the people who are joining.  Not sure what to do other than to keep recruiting until we strike gold, not that important as it's a mobile game, but it would be a lot of more if we could have some quality wars, especially now I have a decent base after a year of playing and a few sneeky gems, well, more than a few - always gets me, beware cash shops when your enjoying yourself to much! bounce


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